River Card Club

*The River Card Club seems to have closed*

Name :River Card Club Address :9-33 Church Road, Stanmore HA7 4AR, United Kingdom Other Address :9-33 Church Road Stanmore HA7 4AR Website :www.therivercardclub.co.uk


Day Starts Buy-in Game Format Clock Stack Last Updated
Monday 20:00 £10 NL Holdem Treble chance 15 min 5000 2017-11-30
Wednesday 20:00 £30 NL Holdem Freezeout 20 min 8000 2017-11-30
Saturday 19:00 £10 NL Holdem Freezeout 15 min 5000 2017-11-30

*The River Card Club seems to have closed*

Review, 08/10/2016
By john

Does anyone know why the river card club has been closed for the last week?

Nice friendly poker , 05/06/2015
By Gully gas

The dealers are very friendly and join in on the banter. Nice local club run well and the room big enough, and you can enjoy free tea all day with great service. The players in general are all either new to the game or just really soft. Either way its a great atmosphere.The only poker club where you can speak multi way in a pot which adds great laughter to the game thats if you like to talk to the players as you play.

Friendly club, 11/09/2013
By Tristam langan

I have been using the River Card for about 6 months. I have found it friendly and the staff all make a point to remember your name and welcome you each time. I play the Monday game, good standard and a good game to try new strategy. I would recommend this club as I rarely go to the Western anymore. Remember you are not playing the World Series, at this level it is about learning the game and having fun.

A bit far but nice social club, 17/08/2009
By lpgeditor

Read my review above

Pretty Good! , 13/03/2016
By Daniel

Just started going again on Mondays for banter and tournament. Dealers friendly and correct. Management OK. Room nice with free tea. People should tip tho.

it's close , 31/08/2016
By Tim

looks like the place has closed.

River crd , 14/12/2011
By John b

found the place cliquey almost unfirendly. i got blanked when i attemptd to join in the ‘banter’ some deliberatley annoying behavior went on on the three occasions i visited earlier this year. would NOT recommend. FOOD lousy too, no beers either. good internet connections however.

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