Pollards Hill Poker Club (PHPC)

The Pollards Hill Poker Club is a popular South London local club offering low stakes poker. They have a full gaming permit and have recently moved backed to their original venue at the Tooting Progressive Club. It’s a popular friendly club, with a cool, transparent system where players can monitor all kinds of stats, both in tournament and cash games!

Name :Pollards Hill Poker Club (PHPC) Address :227 Mitcham Road, London, London Borough of Wandsworth SW17 9JG, United Kingdom Other Address :227 Mitcham Road Tooting SW17 9JG Website :www.pollardshillpokerclub.co.uk


Day Starts Buy-in Game Format Clock Stack Last Updated
Saturday 20:00 £22 + 3 NL Holdem Unlimited Rebuys for 1st Hour 15 min 15000 2018-01-20
Thursday 20:00 £12 + 3 NL Holdem Up to 2 rebuys first hour 15 min 10000 2018-01-20
Friday 20:00 £30 + 3 NL Holdem Unlimited Re-Entry for 1st Hour 20 min 25000 2018-01-20

Pollards Hill Poker Club have tournaments Thursdays, Friday and Sundays. They are all dealer dealt, and average about 30 runners.

Cash games

There are£1-1 cash games on every night.


PHPC is run by a lovely couple Terry and Sam. They started out as a home game in 2007, then in 2009 started a pub game at the Furzedown Pub. After growing in popularity they decided to merge with the Tooting Progressive Club to offer bigger games. They have more recently merged with the Royal Surrey Social Club. They benefit from a full club gaming permit, with over 800 players as members. They currently have about 100 regulars at the club.

The atmosphere at PHPC is very friendly and there is never trouble. New players feel welcome right away. There is a wide range of players in terms of skill but these are low stakes so it is always friendly.

One of the things that sets PHPC apart from other cardrooms/clubs is their system of tracking players’ stats both in tournaments and cash games. This will include cash game stats, profit charts, no of wins, no of knockouts in tournaments etc. They are transparent about these stats and as a player it’s not only fun, but you can track your progress over a period of time. You’ll find some of these stats posted on their website.


They have 4 tournament leagues throughout the year each culminating in a freeroll for the top 9 players of that season. They also have the ‘cash dash’ promotion where the players are awarded 1pt for every minute at the table and 1pt for every £1 profit in a session. This is all accurately tracked in neat custom made phone apps that the dealers and floor staff use. At the end of the month the top 3 cash dash players win a prize and the top nine are invited back to play a 50p/£1 “jackpot table” a unique session in which the most profitable player has his winnings topped up from a Jackpot of £200 or more.

Food and drink

Drinks are at social club prices. There’s no food served here but some good takeways in the area.


Don’t forget to sign up 48 hours in advance. No dress code at this club.

PHPC returns, 27/01/2017
By Local tooting poker player

YES YES YES. PHPC has returned back to Tooting. I was playing with PHPC when it started in The Furzedown. After they moved to The Tooting Progressive Club I didnt go much due to personal issues and then they completely moved away. I played on their opening night at The Tooting Progressive Club this month and it was fantastic to see lots of old faces that I hadnt seen for years. the night was great, the atmosphere was even better than I remembered and it was a busy night overall. I had moved away out from Tooting a little while ago, but I am moving closer back to my roots very soon. PHPC will see me a lot more over the next few months and I hope many of the old faces I had seen on opening night I get to see them all again. Welcome back to Tooting PHPC

Poker, 15/06/2015
By Reviewer

Clubs ok nothing special. NOT high stakes poker anymore as they don’t have a license to do so. A bit to clicky. But apart from that Sheems ok if you like a low stakes game.

PHPC, 29/04/2015
By Tunalord1

Me myself and I are so confused by these latest reviews I have been a member of this club going on two years from tooting to Morden they made an excellent transition and have grown ever present. I think that this club and the way it is run is incredible. The two tournament directors are very good and have great interaction with all the costumers old and young. I also love the league structures that they offer. If you want to play poker for fun and money get to PHPC.

Buy ins, 29/04/2015
By Anon

Hi Samantha.First of all let me say i cant understand why the other reviewer referred to you as rude as i certainly dont find this to be the case at all.Im also sorry that you were rather upset by some of the previous reviews as i certainly didnt wish to upset you i just gave what in my opinion is a balanced review but saying that by being upset it just shows how passionate you are about the club which is great.with referrance to the buy in issue.When i joined it was £27 to play this then went up to £30 a little while after i joined because you went for the 3 bullet set up which i have to say is a great idea as if you bust out early you at least dont have to go home but can continue to play so thumbs up for that.The set up was £10 buy in then 2 rebuys or 2 add ons at £10 each.Then (and maybe my dates are alittle off) the initial buy in went up from £10 to £20 over night so infact not 25% but an increase of 100% you then had the choice of 2 rebuys or 2 addons at £10 each which everyone does so a game on thursday night was costing me £40 instead £30 so the upshot was i used to play thursday and friday night but i can only afford to play on one night or the other.I hope that has cleared it up

PHPC are great, 28/04/2015
By Old school rs player

As a poker player that was playing in RS for over 10 years I’m glad to see poker is back in this members club. PHPC organise the poker within the club and do a great job of it, I enjoy their atmosphere, the regulars of PHPC are very friendly just like the old royal surrey fellas. Their tournament structures are great, along with their great stuff, plenty of good banter, and sick action. I’d suggest to at least give this poker room a couple visits before you make your mind up about them… I’ve seen the other posts below… but each to their own I guess

Buy ins, 28/04/2015
By Samantha td for phpc

Hi to everyone. I have always prided ourselves for great reviews and after checking the London Poker a guide this evening after not looking at them for months I was rather upset by what I had read. Anon – I would like to firstly thank you for your review however I would like you to clarify which days you say the buy ins have gone up with the figures you have given. We changed our buy ins back in December and I can guarantee that our buy ins have not changed over the past few weeks and if they have on nights I have not been there then I would like to know what to . I completely see your point regards the hip hop, I’m not a fan and infact we have a few playlists that cater for all ages and I will be making sure that from this week these will be played. No more hip hop! I am not always there all days we are open due to commitments at home and health reasons, but I shall be at the club this week and I shall be making sure that the issues raised in your previous review will be looked at and that the club is run professionally. I sincerely hope we see you again at the club and I would hope on your next visit you will see the club run how it should be. I like to think PHPC is professional and that we treat all our players equally and if any of our players have any concerns that I can be approached regards those issues and I can sort the issues out right away. Thank you again for your feedback. Kind regards Sam

Buy ins, 28/04/2015
By Anon

Sorry long standing regular but the buy ins went up 25% about 3 weeks ago and they went up £3 about 6 weeks ago.I appreciate what your saying i just think there should have been notices put up around the club about how much the buy in was going to be put up to and when it was going to happen i just no from my own experiences that i wasn’t informed.I just gave my own opinions of the club but i realise that some people may have other views.

Bad reviews previous, 28/04/2015
By A long standing regular

I have just seen the comments below and I am shocked by them. I have been a regular with PHPC since they played in the basement at The Furzedown and when they moved to The Tooting Progressive Club and yet I am still here now. The only thing I agree with is the hip hop music has to go, Im not too down with the music and like the background music to be just that, background music! The Lady Sam that runs it has always made players feel welcome, I have seen her be strict with rules on the table and I have also seen her take dealers phones off the tables too, amybe she has not yet seen these reviews, but I shall point them out to her. Clicky? The club has its regulars and every club you go to will always have a clickiness about them, but PHPC is a welcoming club. As for the Social Club being and absolute dump, hmmm, are you sure you went to the right club? Cos I beg to differ. The Royal Surrey is a nice club inside, so I am not sure where you see the absolute dump part!!! Anon said the buy in had gone up in one night and no one was told? I can assure you that most definately is not the case. All players also have to be members of the club and if they had phoned before turning up if not been to the club at The RS then they would have been told how much the buy in was, so telling porkies will bite you back sir Anon. All buys ins are the same every week and I believe they have not been changed for a while now. Liam says anyone can walk in, well I dont think you have played with us, because there is a door entry system that you have to be let in, and you have to see the guy or lady at the bar before going to the poker area. All new players are asked to complete forms, show ID and pay a membership or a guest fee for the night, PHPC is more strict about new players in the club than any other local club around. My reckoning is the players below who have given nad feedback will think because I have played with PHPC for over 5 years now that I am one of the clicky ones. In fact I am not, I am just a player who really enjoys the banter and the game structure of the club and I may not play as many days a week as I used to, but I am there atleast once a week and I continue to play there every week, they have my backing and many other players backing too. So ANON and LIAM, whoever you may be (funny I kow only one liam that has played with us and I know he hasnt played with us for months so I dont know who you are) But maybe you should give PHPC another chance, one visit is not enough. Then if you have the same verdict, well I cant change your mind, however your verdict could be totally different the next time.

Horrible place, 16/04/2015
By Liam

Same as the comment previously. Far to clicky!! The lady who runs it is rude. The so called social club is an absolute dump And so is the area it’s in. You just don’t feel safe in there people can come and go whenever they like. it’s a shame because reading preveious reviews it sounded like a nice place to come and play but unfortunately the place there in now just ain’t good enough.

Phpc, 22/01/2014
By Karina

lets start by saying this truly is a poker family and i feel privileged to be part of that as a woman that loves poker and played at a few places this is the one that is at the top,with exceptional dealers who really know there stuff very professional and the wonderful couple who made this happen could not be any more welcoming than they are and manage this place like no other club i have been to i highly recommend this club to anybody if you come here just once i guarantee you will come back and one more thing cheap drinks excellent table service what more could you want

Pollards Hill Poker Club, 21/01/2014
By Anthony h

Pollards Hill Poker Club is a great place to learn and build your skills. If you’re an amateur you won’t get priced out of a game and even if you are an experience player you’ll have plenty of people to test yourself against. I’ve rarely been to a club where I can enjoy playing and not feel an outsider. The players and staff are very friendly and engaging. The staff learn your name and speak to you with respect. The dealers are good and the management are professional. The club has cheap drinks and a covered smoking area out the back. There’s even a pool table downstairs for the early knock outs. There’s three tournaments on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Friday night there is an excellent deep stack game at only £35. They also run cash games most nights. A standard 25/50 game, and a 50/1 game when the players build up. The games can be very loose but it isn’t all fish. I’d recommend this club to anyone who wants a good game.

Pollards Hill Poker Club, 21/01/2014
By Jodi r

poker to me is a much more than winning its a psychological adventure. It’s exciting, thrilling, mind boggling, thought provoking, risk taking and sometimes pure bewilderment. I love the banter involved I love a friendly environment. A place I can feel comfortable and being a girl in a predominantly male environment it’s a bonus to feel all those things. PHPC provides me with all of this. It’s a social event as well as being a fantastic game of poker. Phpc is open 4 nights a week thurs-sun offering an array of low steaks Texas Holden tourneys and cash games available. The club is run by an intriguing couple who have put their heart an soul into it. They have a very professional floor manager who knows all the rules and a selection of firm but friendly dealers. The website www.pollardshillpokerclub.co.uk holds a wealth of information from up and coming events to complete player profiles where you can find out everything you need to know about your own poker history or your nemesis! One thing I have noticed about poker is its diversity of players. At phpc you will find the young and old, great players and beginners. Plus a complete host of nationalities and religions which makes it seem a wonderment that going to play at phpc is like going home “where everybody knows your name” or at least they will by the time you leave.

Pollards Hill Poker Club, 21/01/2014
By Anon

Phpc – great gaff

Pollards hill poker club, 20/01/2014
By Selin connelly

joined 2 weeks ago the club made me feel welcome and as a woman who likes to play poker the club put you at ease as soon as you walked through the doors. They have a good and friendly team who all work together to make your night fun.I have recomended the club to friends and will carry on.

Family, 03/06/2013
By Anon

I have been playing at PHPC for quite a while now and I absolutely love going there every week. The staff are friendly, the management are very accommodating, the club staff down stairs are very polite and serve your drinks even to your seat at the poker table, so no need to really leave your seat. I have played at other clubs and although I like playing in other places, PHPC is my home. The atmosphere is brilliant and there is always a story you can tell to your mates. This is like a family to me and I am glad I have them all.

Visiting from Oslo, 04/01/2013
By Mogale

Excellent friendly bunch of about 40 players and lovely service from amazing cheap bar 😉 My first time there arrived late but sent a text and was allowed to play in tournament, got knocked out but made almost 100£ in very friendly cash game upstairs :-$ Just visiting london for short holiday and staying with mate in area and was pleased to find such a good poker club in the immediate vicinity! The founder even came around for a nightcap at my mates house as I was one of the last to leave. Good skill level, no arguments, pro dealers in cash game, self dealt tournament. Nice facilities. First class poker club 🙂 Good website http://www.pollardshillpokerclub.co.uk with contact details and stats and rankings….

Try it and you’ll be hooked, 14/11/2012
By Anon

I have enjoyed playing tournaments all over, and this is without doubt by far the best poker environment I’ve ever played in. Varied structures and buy-ins, great bunch of guys and girls, and a good standard of poker (with a few exceptions of course!) mean that I would recommend PHP for both the novice and the poker pro. If you like a drink or two like me then you’ll be happy to find a good selection of drinks at knock down prices; many of the patrons take advantage of this, which means you can take advantage of them! One of the regular players is somewhat of a local celebrity, being named the best poker player in South London “Chiptastic” is a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Pollards Hill Poker Club, 03/11/2012
By Lp! aka magnum!

The Guru and my PokerMum (Tel & Sam) run the best Poker in London, and you will never be short of entertainment here… All the players are warm, welcoming and educated in the skill involved in Snap! (Damn, I love these guys…) With respectable buy-ins that wont dent your bankroll, enjoyable tournies, cash games, leagues and many more pros – Dont con yourself, get involved! :o| The Guru loves his stats, just check the website – incredible! PHPC def moving up… If you want a good evening, laughs and great poker – this is the place to be! And if you here “MAGNUM” or “There She is…” Yours truly, Loose Play is in the buildin’ – Dont be fooled, I AM that sexy Enigma to the right of this post… LOL! LP! The Son of the 10 of Spades…

Up and coming Club, 03/11/2012
By Pokerbrattwo

Pollards Hill Poker Club opening few nights have been as exciting as I have seen the club be in my 2 years of attending games, and or dealing for the club. First night had a lot of great laughs and great playing from everyone, but the night belonged to Kevin, who outlasted the 50+ field of players to take down the inaugural opening game at the new venue. Friday night was won by Q-ball, who is a good player in his own right. The club also provides exciting Bad Beat Bonanza and Cash Dash for member that participate in playing the cash game when they are knocked out of the tournament of the night. The past few nights have also brought some newcomers to the club and were looking to see more of them in the coming weeks as they attempt to take the Secret Santa top prize for the season.

End of an era, 26/10/2012
By Sam

Tonight sees our last ever game held at The Furzedown pub, before we branch off independantly to our own club above The Tooting Progressive Club in Tooting on Amen Corner. We played there for 3 years and 18 days and where we started with just those family and close friends that used to play around our kitchen table, we lost a lot of those people playing, to now having a lot more close friends, I would even go to say these regulars we have are a lot like family. If you need a shoulder to cry on or need a chat, or want to have some fun these people are there for us as we are to them. Me and Tel would like to thank each and everyone at the pub for accommodating us at over the years and we wish you luck. I would also like to yell out a massive thank you to all our players who has helped us move up in the world, if we didnt have you all we wouldnt have what we have now, so all I can say is Im looking forward to welcoming you all into our new home for bigger and better things moving forward. Bon voyage Furzedown and Ola PHPC.

Why you should play with US, 23/10/2012
By Phpc's snappy dealer

I have dealt many games of poker, from house games, to betfair.com high rollers tournaments, scorekeeping for the IPF, and local pub games. In all my experiences of poker venues, poker feels daunting to newbies, I mean pub games seem too easy going, and people don’t play ‘politically’ correct poker, so its not always the best way to learn poker, in a casino, people see poker more for the ‘money’ and are not looking to invest time in teaching new opponents to play. At PHPC, its all about the appreciation of the game of poker, the competition, the knowledge, the skill levels, and you will never avoid the banter and the bad beats at PHPC either. The main duo Sam and Tel who organise the games, are very friendly and keen in familiarising new players to the game. Dealer dealt games using the finest cards chips and tables, a great website to keep up to date on the statistics within the club, and all the players are respectable and full of character. This club will represent poker for Tooting, and eventually south west of London. So don’t hesitate, get involved with PHPC ASAP. LQB

Moving Date, 19/10/2012
By Samantha td for phpc

As many of our players know, but we are moving to a new premises from Thursday 1st November. Our new home will be: 227 Mitcham Road Tooting London SW17 9JG Amen Corner as many people know where that is. We have 2 floors above The Tooting Progressive Club, you cant miss the club, its GREEN on the outside. Its been 3 years since we ventured out of our kitchen from playing home games to then hosting pub poker at The Furzedown and now we have finally done it, we have moved out of pub poker and we shall now become a fully fledged Poker Club. The Tooting Progressive Club have a licenced bar and we will have table service as we have been used to in the past, service with a smile from now on :0) If you had not played while we were at The Furzedown, why not pop along to us at our new home on our opening night, champagne reception for everyone. We look forward to welcoming all our new and existing players and poker family.

PHPC, 25/06/2012
By Sam

I have just come across the last review and as many of us have also read it, we have all had a thought of who this could have been and it appears who we all thought it was, it wasnt! So the mystery of the last person to have written a review is still under investigation lol. I would like to thank the person who has said some really kind words abut myself, Tel and the club that we run, however its unfortunate that the pubs managers will not see if as they have never looked at the reviews or even the clubs website. The club is growing week by week and it comes with a lovely bunch of players that me and Tel see as friends. We enjoy what we do and enjoy even more so when we see how many return every week. I would like to thank each and everyone of you that come and play at PHPC and also thank everyone that supports us.

Pub manager outburst!, 20/06/2012
By I rather not say

I am a regular to The Pollards Hill Poker Club, in fact I practically live at the place. Sam and Tel run this poker club like they were born to do it. They are both professional (with the odd argument between them, which is actually very funny) They are always very welcoming, they mingle in and make everyone feel comfortable then you get the pubs manager wading his size 10 shoes about and embarassing not only the players but the organiser (Sam) Many of us were left to feel we were not welcome at the pub. We are all honest hard working people, we earn our own money, we spend our money in there like any other person that walks in the door but this certain manager thinks that the colour of our money is not as good as the colour of the persons money who sits at a bar all day over one drink. If Sam and Tel were to think of moving premises I not only speak for myself but I speak for everyone that plays at The Pollards Hill Poker Club that we are behind the club 100% and we would be moving with them. The hard work that these two put into their website, their games, their leagues and trophies, medals and prizes make me speechless as you will not get a well run game like this anywhere in any pub in South London. I give the rating of this a full review of 5 stars purely because of the club and the organisers. But if I was to give a review of just the pub and the managers there, it would be 0 stars and a very bad review. All I say to the manager is, customer service is far from your strong point. Take some hard lessons from Sam and Terry and they will teach you a thing or two.

Amazing!!!, 26/04/2012
By Auri

After reading the reviews I decided to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a bit of a journey from where I live but it was well worth it. The atmosphere is great, the people make you feel welcome and the whole thing has very professional feel about it. The organizers truly care about it too as they go that extra mile to make you feel welcome and ease you into their games. Big thumbs up from me! A really great place to spend the night!

Mr, 09/07/2011
By Bigpete

I like Jo and the others have played just about all the local pub games and this is by far the best run of the lot, the people are friendly and newcomers are allways made welcome no matter what your standard of playing is, I doubt any other club game keeps the stats that are kept on their website, which is worth checking out, so if you fancy a good game of friendly poker come down and join us

Nowhere near as good as in its heyday, 14/12/2015
By Old rs player

This place used to be the best place to play poker in London, if not the country. You used to be able to play in tournaments with prize pools to rival casino’s and cash games left right and centre. Then the people that ran it upped and moved and the game died. I recently heard that they had reopened and that PHPC were running the show. I’d heard good things about PHPC when they were in Tooting even though the stakes were a bit small for my liking so I popped in. It was a good night, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what it used to be. I think the winner that night took home about £200 which wasn’t bad for the buy-in, but I would have preferred a bigger game. What’s the point in playing for five hours when that’s the biggest prize? After the tournament some of the players tried to start a cash game in the corner but the gobby girl in charge told us it wasn’t allowed. What’s the point in a poker club with no cash game? I’m probably being a bit unfair and if the girl was right and its not allowed on their license then that’s one thing, but really – who would ever know? I think the current management have ruined what used to be a brilliant venue. If you fancy a slightly bigger pub game then this might be for you, but its not for me.

Phpc, 01/07/2015
By Sid

went with a member the other night to try the club out.First off there is nowhere to park so we went round and round the block about 20 times before we could park and believe me looking at the local area you want to park as close to the door as you can.Not the clubs fault.When we got inside i found the club very small stuffy and claustrophobic but then again it does advertise itself as more of a pub poker room.I have to agree with other comments that the club is very clicky but you get that most places until you go a few times and become known.The people that run the club seem friendly enough but i did get the feeling that if a ruling comes between a regular and a new guy it will also be the regular that wins out.1 small point the dealers were very good but they were dressed the same as the players hoodies and t-shirts and when i first turned up i thought it was a self dealt club other clubs i have gone to the dealers are dressed in smart matching shirts..just a small point.anyway although the club was ok (once i had gotten inside) i dont think ill be returning anytime soon..

Buy ins, 29/04/2015
By Samantha

Good morning Anon. Thank you for your reply and kind words, really appreciated. I understand where you are coming from now and please let me explain. When we set up the initial £10.00 buy in it wasnt going to the pot. This was broken down for costs of the club, charity, league. We had a number of players who complained about this as the pot at the end of the night would be nothing without having an initial buy in, so we asked players if they would like to increase the amount where £10 will go straight into the pot and the rest broken down as before. this means now there is more to play for and we have had a better response to this. I sincerely apologise if this has stopped you from playing more than once a week as this wouldn’t be our intention. You can talk to me regards any issues you have at the club as I always take things on board and we really do like to keep our players happy. I have an incline of who you are Mr Anon and I hope this week we can have a chat, just wished you could have come to me at the club. I really hope we see you this weekend.

Not professional run, 27/04/2015
By Anon

I joined pollards hill as soon as it changed location from streatham to morden and it used to be a great play to play…not anymore. 1) the buy in went up 25 % in one night and nobody was told i even had to go to the local cash point if i wanted to play and i agree with the previous review that the area is not that safe and it had already gone up a few pounds a couple of weeks earlier. 2)The club now plays music but it isn’t quiet background music but pumping hip hop and rap music the younger players might like it but not us old guys. 3) everybody seems to be on there phones which i no is a modern day problem but one player at the table the other night was so busy sending texts that we had to wait for him to finish before he even looked at his cards let alone make a decision and this happened orbit after orbit without the dealer saying anything to him.mind you that was probably because he was on his own phone. So come on pollards hill you used to get good reviews but the last 3 including mine are not all that glowing what used to once be a good place to play runs the risk of becoming just another card room above a pub which is what it is. I will start to save my buy ins for a few weeks then i can play in a casino in london where i no i will get a proper game thats professionally run in a quality enviroment

Too clicky, 02/03/2015
By A n other

As above! A really good place with a good feel but involved in 2 easy rulings that they got totally wrong in favour of a local.

Pokers back., 13/09/2014
By Mike

As a regular RS player for many years I was distraught when they shut down last year. So distraught I stopped playing. I’d heard about the other venues like PHPC and SBK but didn’t really feel either. The PHPC was friendly with nice structures and an impressive website but the venue was small and claustrophobic, whilst the SBK was too far. But this weekend I had the surprise of my life and found that PHPC and the RS had merged. Imagine waking up and finding out somebody had cloned Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and your team had signed the resulting masterpiece. Well that. I’ve just got home from the club and I’ve fallen in love with the game again. It’s like the RS of old with more affordable stakes and a results service to die for. Poker in Morden is back and this time it’s better than ever.

PHPC, 23/01/2014
By A regular player since the furzedown days

I have been playing at Pollards Hill Poker Club for a few years now and from the first day I walked in I felt welcomed. The hosts Terry and Sam were very warm and made me feel at ease and that is what has made me come back week in week out. I dont like going to places on my own but this was when the poker was at the Furzedown Pub and that was just a few roads from where I lived. I didnt think it would be run as well as it was and how it is even more well run now. With professional dealers on every table you dont have to worry about who the action is on how many chips you need to put in as the dealer will announce everything for you, you really can sit back and relax and play a nice game of poker. The professionalism in this club from chips to Poker tables these two people knew how to run a poker club. When I heard that they had been doing it what was then just under a year, I couldnt believe it. Everything was so professional and they even had some great playing cards which not many high clubs have. Since the poker moved to The Tooting Progressive club, the club has gone from strength to strength. They now have custom tables, with 5 at present and soon to be 6 full size tables. They have their own custom chips which are lovely to feel and play with. The playing cards are at high spec by what was Modianos to now using Copag which some clubs dont even use such quality. These two hosts really put themselves out to make this club the best out there. They have small stakes poker which I like. The Fridays game is great with deepstacks chips and an affordable buy in. The club is now opening Sundays, so going from just Thursday nights to now 4 nights a week is a massive move forward and although I play at other clubs, PHPC is my home always will be. I spend 3 maybe 4 days a week here, I should move in. I will suggest everyone to try this club out, there is a vibe about this club that makes you want to keep coming back for more. I can only give my honest opinion to what I feel is the fastest growing poker club around and I cannot reccommend it any more than I already have. Give PHPC a chance, you will not regret it.

Poker in South London- nowhere better, 22/01/2014
By Kenny

The PHPC has done the rounds in a few pubs in the Streatham and Tooting area but have now settled above the Tooting Progressive Club on Amen Corner. This venue is perfect for them as it hold a club gaming permit meaning they are one of the few fully licensed poker venues in the country. But this doesn’t mean they go mad as their stakes are very reasonable, with tournaments ranging from £15 to £50 and cash games at 25p/25p and 50p/50p which make them the cheapest cash games I’ve ever seen. Dealers – They have a small team of dealers but all of them are excellent and able to deal NLHE and PLO efficiently. Room/Environment – It really looks like a home game when you first enter due to the shape of the room and decor. But this is no bad things, it looks and feels like a home game with friendliness and banter to boot. Promotions – They run a bat beat scheme, a cash league, and the usual tournament leagues lasting a few months. All the prizes are top quality. Level of competition – A lot of these guys know how to play, and more importantly they know how to play each other so it leads to a lot of friendly banter and some exciting action with three and four bet bluffs and the like. This is also good for beginners as you will be a fresh face, and people won’t know what to make of you, meaning you have time to find your feet. Food and Drink – They have a waitress who does the rounds every 20 minutes or so and brings you a drink right up to the table. As its a traditional working mans club the prices are incredibly cheap. As for food, a local chef offers a pretty interesting fusion menu and he too delivers right to your seat. They also have deals with a lot of the surrounding restaurants, and the pizza from Sette Bello just a few doors away is real authentic Italian, and absolutely amazing. All this is good but another thing that makes this club truly special is their website. I cant really explain how deep it is, and you dont really get it just by browsing. You need to be part of it. Once you have a PHPC profile and you check your stats after the first few games, it really gets the competitive juices flowing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

PHPC, 22/10/2012
By Dino

Having played in and ran my own pub poker games for seven years I’d like to think I know the difference between a good well run game and a poorly run one. PHPC is most definitely in the former category; in fact I’d go as far to say it’s the best run and most fun pub poker game I’ve ever played in. Friday nights are particularly good, its dealer dealt, deep stack poker, with table service to boot. The buy-in sits snugly in that zone of affordable but one that still means there’s a decent amount of money up top to cover the bar bill. The dealers are all quick, knowledgeable and friendly, but if there’s a problem Tel or Sam are on hand to rule firmly but fairly. But mostly what keeps me coming back is the mix of characters, friendly banter and rivalry that develops between certain players. And that’s the rub, whilst poker is a game where essentially we try to take money off each other it’s also a hobby for the players who frequent PHPC, a fun hobby. Pub poker is meant to be fun, heck poker’s meant to be fun and if you come here you’re pretty much guaranteed that. If you don’t believe me check out the detailed stats on their website and you’ll see that my record down there is absolutely terrible, so it’s certainly not the promise of profit that sees me ante up time after time. This fella is definitely all-in for PHPC and he means it.

PHPC, 02/07/2012
By Tom

Better and better every evening, great managent and incredible enviroment. Definetely a poker club to be part of 😉

Not far from reaching the 50 player mark!!!, 27/03/2012
By Sam

Over the past 2 half years myself and Tel have worked hard to make our club the best in the South London region. So far looking at all the players we have, I feel we have done that, however there is always ways we can improve to get more players in the doors. Our Thursday night games started off having around the 13 mark every week, now we get between 30-40 players and it wont be very long before we hit a fifth table and soon be filling that up so that we have 50 players every week. Our Friday nights are also moving in the right direction. We started Friday night games for Elite members and their guests only just over a year and a half ago. If we got 1 full table of 9 we were happy. Now we are looking at 20-30 players every Friday and we have dealers that also deal for the night so the players can relax and play their game without having to worry about dealing themselves. We like to welcome everyone that comes to our club and our aim is to hope they enjoy it enough to come back and become a regular and a member. The website has come a long way too. Tel has done a marvellous job in transforming it over the last 4 years. If you have not seen it, please visit www.pollardshillpokerclub.co.uk The stats will BLOW YOUR MIND! We now have our own custom chips made which we use in our cash games and we will be introducing our new custom tourney chips for The Summer of Poker which starts in May. If you live in or around the area of The Furzedown, please come in and see what everyone has been raving about.

There must be a catch, 31/01/2012
By Joost

Played here for the first time earlier this month and Ive been back several times. I heard about it through a friend I hadnt seen for a while who recommended it. What made me go was the website. Once you enter that site and start going through all the stats and news bulletins you really get a feel that the organisers and regulars really treat their club with a huge amount of love and devotion. The rules and organisation is strict which I love as you know exactly where you stand when it comes to the blinds, the payout system and the points system for their league. The standard of play is pretty good too and no-one is continually asking how much it is to them etc. Nice mix of people, young and old, and a few more woman than I’m used to seeing round a poker table which I guess is testamant to the friendly communal atmosphere of the game. The prizes for this particular league are adventure days out for the top three which is worth competing for. The tables and equipment really set it apart from any other poker game I’ve played outside of professional clubs and casinos. There is no rake and on a friday its dealer dealt though you need to become a member to play on a friday. Drinks are ordered from the table and brought to you. I havent tried the food yet but that looks excellent too. I’m still waiting to find the catch but there really doesnt seem to be one though I have only been playing there for the last 3 weeks. If you are vaguely interested in going along then I would definately recommend it and just have a look at the website, thats what enticed me to give it a go.

It's good but......, 01/12/2011
By Doctor locks

I’d heard about this game through word of mouth and also on here and thought I’d travel down and see what all the fuss was about. I’m just north of the river and so it took me nearly an hour to get there due to traffic so I hoped it would be worth it. In truth I wish I lived closer, its a nice little club and as soon as you walk in you get a feel for the place. Its got four lovely table all set up quite close together and it’s quite cosy. The structure is v.good but, and this is where the but in title comes in, it just not open late enough. They start at eight and finish by midnight on a Thursday and 01:00 on a Friday, but the end feels rushed. I know it’s because it’s in a pub basement and is therefore subject to the pubs closing times, but I couldn’t help but think this place would get five stars if it could open a couple of hours later. Though if you’re not one for late nights, you like a friendly game of low stakes poker, and you don’t live more than two or three miles from Tooting/Streatham, than this should be the only place you play your tournaments. Personally its a little to far for me to travel and I’m a bit of a night owl so I tend to play elsewhere, but if I lived a little closer this would be where I would start my Friday evenings. Note: I had a friend who went there when the pub had a party on and the club had to play upstairs and it sounds as if it would lose another star if its upstairs. Apparently it loses a lot of the intimacy that makes it special. So if you listening Pollards Hill Poker group – STAY DOWNSTAIRS. So in short; Brilliant Atmosphere (when downstairs). Well run the TD (Sam) takes no nonsense. There are some surprisingly good players, and girls make up a big slice of the good players which threw a few of the older guys. Table service all night with very nice food indeed (tried the noodles). They run a loyalty point scheme for paid up members which looks to be quite generous. They only play hold’em. There seems to be an informal 5p/10p cash game that springs up after the tourney and although it was busy I didn’t have to wait for a seat.

Ms, 04/03/2011
By Jo

Tel is biased but is right to be proud of his set up. ive played in most of the pubs in the area and this is head and shoulders above the rest. The equipment on the night is fantastic but its backed up by an amazing website. the Thursday league always has interesting prizes for the eventual winners, chip sets, trophies,buyins to local casino tournaments something for everyone. for those of us who like the stakes a little higher members can play for £20 on Tuesday and Fridays and the pot can be quite substantial. despite all this i think if you asked the regulars why they turn up every week (many of us three times a week!) its the social aspect of the club whilst its very professionally run it maintains a really friendly and fun atmosphere, many of us have become firm friends away from the poker (but remain earnest rivals at the tables!) couldn’t recommend it more highly.

What makes a good game?, 22/02/2011
By Tel

Call me biased but I love this game, well I do run it. I work hard to make sure that this game is a cut above the other pub poker offerings in the area. How do I do it? Well we use top quality J Alexander poker tables, which wouldn’t look out of place in a casino. We provide all tournament information on a screen clearly visible to all the players, and have sounds to notify of blind changes etc. We’ve arranged for the pub to provide table service, which they do very well, and we play an eclectic selection of music so that there’s something for everybody. But lots of pubs do this, what makes me this game the best? Well check out www.phpclub.co.uk and you’ll see. We track absolutely every possible statistic, short of looking at your hands to see what you fold, there really is nothing we don’t record. Want to see who beats you the most, check. Want to see who wins the most money, check, Want to see when you last won a tourney, check. We also provide bonuses for regular players and the player of the day. On top of that its a brilliant night out. Come down and see what all the fuss is about.

Can't be beaten, 04/02/2011
By Rikki

This has to be the best pub game in London, a professional set up, top class tables in a private room with drinks served at the table, the regulars are a great bunch of people who go out of thier way to make new comers welcome,with a thurs game at £8.00 buy in for 2000 chips and an extra 1000 chips if you buy 2 drinks during the game, open to all and tues and fri at £20.00 for 10000 chips for members only,check out the fantastic website at www.phpclub.co.uk. I cannot recommend this club enough, worth travelling to get too.

The best set up for miles, 31/12/2010
By Kevin

I agree with Tom, I’m pretty new to the game. I only started playing as it’s in my local pub and one evening they were playing in the upstairs bar not the basement. I’ve since been to quite a few places in south London and beyond, nothing compares to it unless you want to play for significantly higher stakes and even then you get none to the individual tracking information like kills per game, total profit, who’s killed you most often etc, that PHPC they have on their website. Add in the table service for pints at three quid, a smoking area and great bunch of people and you can’t go wrong. The only down side is that it’s not near the tube or rail station. The higher stakes games, £20 FO on Fridays and Tuesdays are equally good nights but these require membership.

Can't believe it's a pub game., 05/12/2010
By Tom storey

The game at the Furzedown is unbelievable. The PHPC, a local social club, hire the room downstairs to play private games in a once or twice a month, and in return for the pub providing a home for their fine tables between games, they host a public game there on Thursday’s. At least that’s how I understand it works. How ever they do it, it works. The equipment is second to none, the game is professionally run with a nice structure and information up on the big screen for all to see. To top it all they track every players performance and display it up on their website in one of the most interesting formats I’ve come across. You simply won’t believe you are playing in this game for such small stakes and for free.

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