Pollards Hill Poker Club (PHPC)

The Pollards Hill Poker Club is a popular South London local club offering low stakes poker. They have a full gaming permit and have recently moved backed to their original venue at the Tooting Progressive Club. It’s a popular friendly club, with a cool, transparent system where players can monitor all kinds of stats, both in tournament and cash games!

Name :Pollards Hill Poker Club (PHPC) Address :227 Mitcham Road, London, London Borough of Wandsworth SW17 9JG, United Kingdom Other Address :227 Mitcham Road Tooting SW17 9JG Website :www.pollardshillpokerclub.co.uk


Day Starts Buy-in Game Format Clock Stack Last Updated
Pollards Hill Poker Club have tournaments Thursdays, Friday and Sundays. They are all dealer dealt, and average about 30 runners.

Cash games

There are£1-1 cash games on every night.


PHPC is run by a lovely couple Terry and Sam. They started out as a home game in 2007, then in 2009 started a pub game at the Furzedown Pub. After growing in popularity they decided to merge with the Tooting Progressive Club to offer bigger games. They have more recently merged with the Royal Surrey Social Club. They benefit from a full club gaming permit, with over 800 players as members. They currently have about 100 regulars at the club. The atmosphere at PHPC is very friendly and there is never trouble. New players feel welcome right away. There is a wide range of players in terms of skill but these are low stakes so it is always friendly. One of the things that sets PHPC apart from other cardrooms/clubs is their system of tracking players' stats both in tournaments and cash games. This will include cash game stats, profit charts, no of wins, no of knockouts in tournaments etc. They are transparent about these stats and as a player it's not only fun, but you can track your progress over a period of time. You'll find some of these stats posted on their website.


They have 4 tournament leagues throughout the year each culminating in a freeroll for the top 9 players of that season. They also have the 'cash dash' promotion where the players are awarded 1pt for every minute at the table and 1pt for every £1 profit in a session. This is all accurately tracked in neat custom made phone apps that the dealers and floor staff use. At the end of the month the top 3 cash dash players win a prize and the top nine are invited back to play a 50p/£1 “jackpot table” a unique session in which the most profitable player has his winnings topped up from a Jackpot of £200 or more.

Food and drink

Drinks are at social club prices. There's no food served here but some good takeways in the area.


Don't forget to sign up 48 hours in advance. No dress code at this club.

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