PokerStars Live @ the Hippodrome Casino

Name :PokersStars Live @ the Hippodrome Casino Address :Leicester Square One, Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 7JH, United Kingdom Other Address :Leicester Square London WC2H 7JH Contact no. :0207 769 8888 Website


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Cash games

Typically cash games are £1-2 NL Holdem (min £50, max £400). They are running pretty much around the clock and on weekends you will find 9-10 tables running. They also have a £1-2 Deepstack cash game, with £150 min sitdown and no max limit. You can also find £1-2 PL Omaha games (£50 min, £1000 max) and £2-5 NL Holdem (£250 min, £2500 max)

All games are raked at 5% capped at £10.


After 3 years of rebuilding the new Hippodrome Casino opened its doors in July 2012.

Britain’s largest casino features 3 gaming floors, two further gambling floors, five bars, a restaurant, four private dining rooms and a 200-seat cabaret theatre.

There are a lot of regulars coming to the Hippodrome, some from the former Fox Poker Club. Overall, the games are solid and tend to run deep.


They also have a Yellow Jersey promotion – at 2pm, 4 players are chosen (picking the 4 highest cards) and get the next 24 hours rake-free.

Loyalty program – You earn points by playing cash poker or any other game within the casino, and becoming a cardholder is simple. For example, you’ll receive the equivalent of £0.60 for each hour of cash poker you play.

To join, simply visit the PokerStars LIVE Welcome desk on the ground floor, or the cash registration desk at the PokerStars LIVE Lounge on the fourth floor and ask for a PokerStars LIVE card.


No membership needed – just walk in.

Great Cash Game, 22/06/2017
By Bb

I came from Germany to Check it out. I it was great. U can Play 24h thats perfekt. We don t have that in Germany. Which is sorry. Now I ll come every month.

POKER, 15/02/2016
By Affmaheed

I played Poker here for the first time last week and had a really good experience. I have played Poker all over the World and like to compare experiences. From the moment I enquired about poker at the front door to cashing in my chips at the end I felt a valued customer. I found the dealers to be pretty good and there were no issues or discrepancies during my 3 hour stay. I played the £1-£2 cash table and the standard was pretty poor but there was a couple of tourists there who were just enjoying the night and playing any two cards (which is what you like to see). The casino overall was extremely busy and the poker room was pretty full although I got seated almost straight away in a polite and welcoming manner. The only downside I can think of is while I was playing poker my wife was downstairs in the bar drinking cocktails at £10 a pop so spent as much as I was making. Overall a really nice experience and a big thank you to all the staff from the doorman to the dealers. We will certainly go back for another night out.

A long way to go..., 16/04/2013
By Jack b

Dealers here are awful, not as bad as aspers stratford but pretty damn awful. I’ll stick to the Vic and Club poker thanks.

CASINO star, 05/03/2013
By Ladislav

This really nice look casino is much more better for me than Empire,only 1 thing should be there more tables for poker bigger tournaments 🙂

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