Palm Beach Casino

Palm Beach Casino caters to the high stakes poker player. Only cash games are offered now at the Palm Beach.

Name :Palm Beach Casino Address :30 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8EH, United Kingdom Other Address :30 Berkeley St. London W1J 8EH Contact no. :020 7493 6585 Website :


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The Palm Beach Casino no longer offers tournaments.

Cash Games

Cash games are typically £5 - £10 NL Holdem (£500 min sit-down). They also have 10-25 and on occasion 25-50 games. Session fees apply to all cash games.


Located in the heart of Mayfair, Palm Beach Casino is part of the 5-star Mayfair Hotel. The cardroom has 6 tables and can host up to 60 players. This cardroom clearly caters to the high stakes poker player.It used to be mainly rich tourists and businessmen but you also get pros coming too.


You actually don't have to become a member to play at Palm Beach Casino, but you won't be able to collect more than £1500 if you aren't. So if you do end up winning anything , you are going to have to be a member!

Food & Drink

Food from the main restaurant ranges from modern International and Chinese to Indian and Middle Eastern, and a full vegetarian menu. Soft drinks and tea, coffee is complimentary if you are playing poker.

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