Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe

Previously the Gala Casino Queensway, this casino offers purely cash games. The location is pretty central, so if you are looking for some low stakes poker and don’t feel like travelling too far to play, this place is worth trying.

Name :Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe Address :79-81 Queensway, London W2 4QH, United Kingdom Other Address :79-81Queensway London W2 4QH Contact no. :0207 221 8788 Website :http//


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Currently there are no tournaments at this cardroom.

Cash games

Cash games will typically be £1-£2 No Limit Holdem. Sometimes, when there’s demand you’ll also get a £2-£4 game as well. Rake taken is 5%.


Gala Casino Queensway began offering poker in September 2008. This is not a huge casino, and the atmosphere is friendly and intimate. As a result the poker is quite friendly and social, and there is a base of loyal customers who play here regularly.

You get lots of beginners playing here, and a few mid-level players as well. A lot of people who come to the casino are people that live or work in the area, but being located at Queensway means you also get tourists coming in from the various hotels situated there.

Unfortunately, there are no tournaments on offer. So if you are into tournaments, no point in coming here. But if you like friendly cash games for low stakes, this is a good place to play.

Poker starts at 4pm everyday and continues until the 6am normally, although the casino recently went 24 hours. It is not massively busy, but you will consistently find 2 tables running and on weekends up to 3 or 4.

There’s also a Poker Magic section, where people can learn to play poker with their friends.


Straightforward membership here – just bring your id and you can start playing immediately.

Food & Drink

They have a decent chargrill menu as well as a Chinese menu that is reasonably priced – £7-£10 for a meal.


Most cardrooms give you loyalty points for playing in tournaments, but few do so with their cash games. Gala Casino is one of them – you get points for every session (regardless of the duration) – just make sure you give your membership card to one of the staff to swipe. You can redeem your points for food/drink as well as gaming chips.

Impressively bad play, 10/12/2015
By Mike

Played here for the first time last week and I was impressed, it really seems to have come along since last year, when I tried and failed to get a game. The room seems to have the same computer system as the Vic, which is good. The dealers were good and food decent, I asked for a sandwich and was shocked when it came, to be told it was free, which is a first for the rooms I play in!! Now to the level of play, the regs are so bad, I was absolutely shocked, so many 7 way limped pots, then if you tried to put a chunky raise in, you’d get 3 or 4 callers (so don’t do it light). 2 non regs turned up later in the evening and made the table unprofitable but against the regs, playing ABC would be so profitable!

Welcome back , 09/01/2015
By Pokerface

amazing games every night at the golden horseshoe, 4 cash game every night, 1/2 and 1/3 deepstack. i cannot afford the 1/3 but looks great. on 1/2 i make my day everytime, few good players and a lot of fishes. dealers are friendly and with experience, finally. so welcome back golden horseshoe and well done to the new management.

Resurrection!, 06/01/2015
By Thomas

The room has really come back to life over the last few months. There’s always at least 3 £1-£2 NLH games running at the Golden Horseshoe – and from what I can tell since I started going they get a £1-£3 Deepstack game each night too. The action is loose and the standard of play is low – so you can make good money with the wealthy punters this place has. I’ve seen a Dealer’s Choice game running quite often these days, too – and it seems that they’re all faces I used to see at the Mint. Definitely worth a visit. Always something going on and the management and dealers are really eager to please you!

Poor customer service, 28/01/2012
By Nam

Don’t expect any good customer service from this casino. This has all just happened now so pretty annoyed! It is my parents’ 45th anniversary and they are going to visit this casino (have been members for decades), not to celebrate as such but to just play on the tables and maybe have something to eat. I have just called the casino up just to see if they could do something nice, maybe some cake or a glass of something. Spoke to 2 people who both said that they couldn’t do anything. After asking to talk to the manager, one of the receptionist’s asked me to call back in 10 minutes as he wasn’t there then. Called back, was put on hold and the receptionist comes back on saying that the manager can’t give anything complimentary. He added that maybe in the future but not now. Not impressed-even said “couldn’t you even wish them a happy anniversary or is that not allowed either. This they said they COULD do but won’t hold my breath! Also, by being told that they would be treated well, does this suggest that their other customers aren’t? Not the first time that have been treated shabbily by this downmarket casino.

Too bad only cash games , 17/01/2009
By Lpgeditor

Read my review above!

Great relaxed, central London poker room , 30/08/2013
By David

The Gala has been my neighbourhood casino for 6 years, and it’s the place where I play poker the most often. The dealers are relaxed and friendly. There’s a regular crowd, and a constant stream of newcomers as well. The level of play can vary all over the map, which means that no matter what your level of play you can have fun! There are typically two or three cash game tables running every night. I’ve always found the staff to be nice and helpful, and the food is pretty good. I’ve played at a few other locations in London, but always come back to this one. Highly recommended.

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