Genting Casino Cromwell Mint

Originally in partnership with Bluff Europe, this cardroom opened its doors in May 2010. The casino is now called Genting Casino Cromwell Mint, and if you are looking for mid-range buy-ins and good value this cardroom is worth checking out.

Name :Genting Casino Cromwell Mint Address :45 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EF, United Kingdom Contact no. :0207 589 4041 Website :


Day Starts Buy-in Game Format Clock Stack Last Updated
Sunday 19:30 £60 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 20000 2018-01-20
Monday 19:30 £40 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 20000 2018-01-20
Wednesday 19:30 £40 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 15000 2018-01-20
Thursday 19:30 £40 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 20000 2018-01-20
Friday 19:30 £90 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 25000 2018-01-20
Saturday 19:30 £60 + 5 NL Holdem Late Registration until at least 8:30pm 20000 2018-01-20

Please contact the cardroom before going to the cardroom as tournament details can change.

Tournaments are dealer-dealt. 10% of the prize pool is deducted for the cardroom. Their tournaments usually bring in around 30-40 runners.

The first Tuesday of every month is their new Super Tuesday tournament, a £500 buy in, with 15,000 starting stack and 30/25 min clock. £50 live satellites to this tournament run on the other Tuesdays of the month.

Cash games

On most nights, there are 3-4 cash games going on, all £1-2 NL Holdem (min £50 sit down). The action is extremely loose in their cash games. Rake is 5% up to £10.

They have a points system for regular cash game players. The cash race last 10 weeks.


Part of the Genting Group (who also manage the Palm Beach Casino) the Mint cardroom, was first launched in May 2010 in partnership with Bluff Europe.

Being relatively small, the atmosphere is quite relaxed, and the management is flexible, able to change things up if players request something different.

In 2014 they will be hosting the 888 superstack on the last weekend of every month – for more updates see the Superstack website.

There is a small core group of older players who have been playing at the Mint for years who you will see there regularly. You will also find a steady stream of casino fish trying their hand at poker. Generally, the action at the Mint is very loose, and the level of play not very high.


They have a monthly tournament league, and run a rake race for cash game players.


Same as other casinos – just bring ID and you should be fine.

Poker room mint, 26/01/2017
By Tony

I have been here a few times and can say I disagree with the negative comments I’m reading below the first time I went there I wasn’t uncomfortable once and the tounement did start about ten minutes late but also I didn’t feel out of place or unwelcome like the negative comments would have you believe if it’s your first time to go to this place I recommend you try it out and judge for yourself because not everyone’s taste is the same some like sour and some like sweet

Still a shambles!, 11/06/2016
By Andy

So i gave the mint another go only to find no air con in the worlds smallest poker room and ended up sweating worst then a corrupt mp on trial ! The regs are all 50+ so that tells u the field is easy they dont fold pre and yes they chase draws like saville chased kids but thats the worldwide casino players style 50 year old paigen calling half his stack for a gutshot so thats standard what annoys me is how bad its run 18 runners at start of comp and it starts 15 mins late the dealers are unprofessional the card room manager resembles a witch and all the rulings go to regs. Ive seen guys playing online after 2 months with more knoledge of the game then these idiots who been in the industry for 10+ years its really embaressing tbh. That was my last time at the mint (signed off with a win!) As poker clubs/casinos in london know how to treat there regs except here so why would i ever come back?makes zero sense to me. The foods ok tho! Lool

Soft but often annoyingly soft, 10/12/2015
By Mike

First things first. I think the review from Andy has merit but unfair in places. Karen isn’t great as a TD, not quite has bad as Andy says but if you are to get the other TD (Wing I think) then the overall experience is better. Also to mention Aspers as being close is just untrue, for anyone living in the area, it’s probably close to a hour. Now to my comments. It’s really pokey, it makes the old Empire look like a light and airy location. As long as the air con is working though, I really don’t mind this. The dealers are decent, they can be a little cliquey with regulars but all in all, they keep the games running well. Now to the reasons I don’t play here more often. Some of the older regs are just a pain in the a**e, some are relentlessly downright rude, it personally makes it uncomfortable for me to play. The other thing is the level of play, it can at times be mind blowingly bad. I’ve seen player raise to 800 when the blinds are 25/50, then when everyone folds, shows QQ or KK. There’s also lots of chasing draws when they haven’t the odds. Etc. Etc. Etc!!! 🙂 Now clearly this gives a better play an edge but if you can only play 25 tournies a year, variance and tilt can kill you and when you are annoyed by the old gits, it’s not a good recipe!! All in all and to be honest, I probably only play here because it’s a 10 minute bus ride from were I live, I doubt I would ever make an effort to come here.

Horrid, 16/10/2015
By Andy

I can say wow ive seen some things but never the shambles at the mint! Karen the card room manager is miserable 24/7 and has never started a tourney on time even thought theres only ever 25 runners! Honestly worst run card room in uk by a long shot. Regulars get treated like dirt. Ive never seen anything like it anywhere in the world i feel sorry for people who have to play here its so pointless when aspers is so close and so well run.multuway pots in the mint mean nothing 8 people taking about the hand whilst playing it as they all know each other and the dealers its all very clicky and wierd( hills have eyes!) I played poker worldwide over 9 years and never seen more of a joke then this place anywhere.

Excellent, 28/02/2015
By John nikas

Excellent tournaments with very understanding dealers and tournament director. everyone is very kind and the atmosphere is very friendly. There are some annoying regs but that applies everywhere. very good cash games as well. all in all excellent poker room.

Mint good value, 20/07/2014
By Alex konstantoudakis

The tournaments are nice and the 888 super-stack Dealers are professional and a very good 1-2 game

Poker Room, 28/01/2014
By Mark

The dealers are awful they need to be more professional. They talk to players during hands. it’s just unacceptable. Nice card room though and great bunch of players. Amazimg buffet food for £5.

Disapointing, 20/12/2013
By Patrick

One of the most disappointing casinos i have ever been to. i went for the Saturday tornny. The Card room is tiny and got hot and sweaty. The Managers refuse to turn the Air Con on for ages because 1 person was ill. However the food and the service was amazing. The £5 is brilliant value for money and amazing taste

Fish, 22/11/2010
By Nathan

new schedule…monday 20k chips 40 f/o £500 added…?

Fish, 22/11/2010
By Nathan

went to the wednesday night tournie…game was loose but fun. Cash was looser still! Card room management good and eager to please in what is an obvious side game to the main buisiness of the venue.Easy to get a taxi outside and a cute smoking terrace

Good casino for poker, 23/06/2010
By Feng

I like the Mint and it looks much better now the card room has been re-done. Good 1/2 game every night.

Degen, 23/06/2010
By Horatio

I had a great time here last week. There was a £50 tourney on with about 35 runners, which I cashed in and a really good cash table afterwards which I sat at until half three in the morning. The dealer told me they would be doing 50-£1 cash games in there.

Mr, 10/05/2010
By Fte

Went along for the Sunday evening game – and there wasn’t enough runners. Very negative vibe about when and/or how they will re-establish, and no encouragement for me to return. The room manager didn’t even know the correct date on their website regarding when the official re-opening was. He said 19th May, and The Mint website said 10th May. No plans to encourage me to come back as they seemed to have no coherent policy to draw back their old regulars – as many as 40 on a Wednesday before the closure. Or draw in new players. Really disappointing! Finally all the tourneys are pricier than they were. Fair enough but what about some cheaper games for those who are still finding their feet.

Decent smaller card room, 16/02/2017
By Craig

Been here 3 times recently and have enjoyed it. It’s a smaller card room and the tournies I’ve played have been between 30-60 runners, which is a nice, not too large size.

Looooooose..., 24/01/2011
By The world

One of the loosest cash games in town. Average-low standards of play but, God, there’s action.

Shabby chic....., 15/06/2017
By John smith

I’ve been playing here on and off (tournaments only) for around 3 years, and it’s one of my favourite places in London, despite its drawbacks, which I’ll get out of the way first. The room is moderately cramped. Not excessively but a little. The temperature in there fluctuates between freezing cold (when the air con is on) and boiling hot (when it doesn’t). From time to time there’s an unspecified leak from the ceiling and someone is despatched to the cleaner’s cupboard to fetch a bucket. And the game goes on. The decor is flashy at first glance and looks classy but look closer – the carpet is gaffer-taped down at the edges. For a building that surely turns over megabucks it doesn’t look like they spend much of it on the fabric of the card room. Enough negatives. To the positives: The buy-ins are moderately high (£50 including dealer bonus is about the average buy-in for the tournies) so the prize pool can be good – a Wednesday night can see around £50 runners, so upwards of £2500 is not unheard of for a weekday tournament, which, unlike the carpet, is not shabby. The dealers are generally very funny as well as efficient, and I rarely see any problems on that score. Floor decisions are scrupulously fair and no-nonsense in the extreme. Incidentally, I’ve seen people moaning about the Manager(s), one in particular. That person is doing their job, and doing it with the maximum efficiency. They are cordial. If you want a song and dance and smile, go a couple of miles East and take in a West End show. Otherwise, get over it. Free soft drinks is a great plus point. The standard of play, I would say, tends to be looser here. Perhaps because it’s in a considerably more affluent area than, say, Eltham or Stratford, I get the sense that people have more money than elsewhere, and consequently have no problem playing extremely loosely, particularly in the early stages of tournaments. A double-edged sword, because whereas you can make a packet out of that gentleman with the rollneck sweater, hair oil and sunglasses who’s playing his 7-2 offsuit in the hope of hitting his straight, you can also get donked when the turn and river are 2 and 7 respectively! Trust your instincts and your game and you will probably be ok. Banter at the tables tends to be very good, with some real personalities among the regulars, who are welcoming to new players from far and wide. Overall, a very enjoyable place to play poker, and highly recommended if your bankroll allows you to play £50+ tournaments.

MANAGMENT, 02/01/2014
By Roj

MINT used to be a great little club , i went there after absence of few years , the management keep changing there and they have barred so many of their good ponters for no apparent reason. I PLAY reasonably high stakes but everyone i knew in the club been barred or not going their because their friend has been barred!! therefore i wont be going back there till they change their policies and bring back the old ponters…

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