Aspers Casino Westfield

Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City is the largest ‘supercasino’ in Britain, and the 15-table poker has a solid tournament schedule and lots of soft cash action.

Name :Aspers Casino Westfield Address :No1 Currency Exchange London, Westfield Stratford City, Montfichet Road, London E20 1EN, United Kingdom Other Address :Westfield Stratford London E20 1EN Contact no. :020 8536 5636 Website


Day Starts Buy-in Game Format Clock Stack Last Updated
Monday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Monday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go,8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Monday 19:00 £40 NL Holdem 2 re-entries 10000 2018-01-20
Tuesday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Tuesday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Tuesday 19:00 £30 + £25 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, big bounty 10000 2018-01-20
Wednesday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Wednesday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Wednesday 19:00 £50 NL Holdem 2 re-entries 15000 2018-01-20
Thursday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Thursday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Thursday 19:00 £50 NL Holdem 1K Satellite, 2 Hour Re-buy £50, 30sec Shot Clock 4000 2018-01-20
Friday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Friday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Friday 19:00 £60 NL Holdem 1 re-entry 30000 2018-01-20
Saturday 15:00 £30 + £10 bounty NL Holdem 2 re-entries, bounty 8000 2018-01-20
Saturday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20
Saturday 18:00 £100 NL Holdem Re-entry 60000 2018-01-20
Sunday 16:00 £50 NL Holdem Sit & Go, 8 min levels, 15sec Shot clock 8000 2018-01-20

Update Jan 2018 – weekly tournament schedule no longer have registration fees. Instead, 15% of each prize pool will be transferred to the Second Chance Sunday Tournament, players are invited to participate in every Sunday at 2pm. The casino estimates a prize pool of around £5,000.

Cash games


Cash games run 24/7 pretty much, with 2-3 tables running at quiet times and up to 13 at peak times (evenings and weekends). NL Holdem £1-£1 games are the most common – min £25 sitdown, max 250 (or 50% of the big stack at the table). They regularly have £1-£2 games as well. When there’s demand they may have a 2-5 game, or sometimes 1-1 or 1-2 Omaha games.

Rake is 10% up to £5 on the 1-1 game, and 5% up to £10 on the 1-2 game.


Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City is the largest ‘supercasino’ in Britain. They opened in December 2011. The poker room now has 30 permanent tables and is open 24/7. For larger events they can fit up to 50 tables.

The competition at Aspers is very soft, and a lot of the regulars started playing poker at Aspers, so are quite new to the game. There are a lot of regulars that play at the club, but on weekend s there a whole lot of people in the cardroom who are recreational players simply in town visiting, making a weekend of it – visiting Westfield, Stratford, the Olympics site, and playing a bit of poker.

The cardroom follows the rules and guidelines set out by the Tournament Directors Association, a standardized set of rules made by Tournament Directors around the world, where ‘floor people consider the best interest of the game and fairness as top priorities in the decision-making process.’


They have a bad beat jackpot, largest one that hit was about £280K from about 5 months.


There is a an open door policy so anyone can enter the casino. You can easily start a ‘blue membership’ without an id, but there are limits to how much you can cash out. Full membership requires id.

Dress code

General dress code is smart casual – similar to other casinos. Jeans and trainers are acceptable, but only if in good order and clean.

Food & Drink

There’s a few bars and restaurants in the casino. You can have snacks at the poker table but not a proper meal. No free drinks.

Regs Hate u winning, 23/10/2016
By Luke

Been playing 14 years,Loads of rocks all buddy buddys playing for the cash race, they like to talk while your in a hand telling there mates your a rock, dealer says nothing. Done them nice and when I was leaving no one would take my singles, they hate none regs winning, only go there coz its near me. Also no free tea or coffee and foods very expensive, they all think there pros but most are just £40 rocks, you will find a few fish but not many.

Tournaments, 23/08/2015
By Rob

Not been here for a while after bad experience so was pleasantly surprised in the improvement.dealers could be friendlier but they have picked up a good TD,formerly of Fox club and Gutshot pedigree,who knew the rules and enforced them.Tournament ran very smoothly.I shall definitely be returning.

Cardroom, 20/11/2014
By Richard

horrible place to play cards people the want to slow roll you every chance they get.drinks very exspensive food horrible.I won on the cards but won’t be playing here again as they don’t takecare of the punters.

Some good, quite a lot of not-so-good, 15/06/2017
By John smith

Been playing here on and off for a couple of years. I only play tournaments so I can’t comment on cash tables but the atmosphere isn’t brilliant, I have to say. My primary beef is that the casino is unfriendly and the dealers, by and large, are impersonal and unfriendly. For instance, they have a strict one-hand penalty if you fold out of turn. Even if you’re a beginner (I’m not, but you see plenty of beginners at Aspers), you don’t get a friendly word from the dealer. They don’t even speak to you directly. They simply call a floor manager, report what happened, the floor manager tells you you will get a one hand/one round penalty etc. (Note: I’m not blaming the dealers personally for this; it’s clearly company policy at Stratford. I haven’t observed this in Newcastle, for instance.) Overall, managers and dealers are the least friendly (by some margin) here of the 4 casinos I frequent across London, and elsewhere in the country. Plenty of regulars involved in the tournaments, like everywhere, lots of different nationalities. They are no less welcoming than the regulars anywhere else. Plenty of scope to do ok in tournaments if you play well – like everywhere, there are madheads who think nothing of rebuying a couple of times in the first hour, and that can play into the hands of skilful players. The card room is enormous, and fairly impersonal (but aren’t they all?). No free drinks, and waitress service can be VERY sporadic. Best thing? Size of field. Can be many runners, making for big prize pots even on regular daily tournaments. Other good thing? Seats are very comfortable, but by the same token, they play 10 to a table, meaning space is at a premium. If you are unlucky enough to be in seat 1 or seat 10 and the dealer is a large individual, you find yourself very pressed for space, which doesn’t make for a fun game. The organisation is good, no complaints, but it does come across as a pretty impersonal, unfriendly place to play poker.

Poor dealers poison the whole experience, 21/04/2016
By Matt

Came here with a friend as I live locally. We bought an overpriced couple of pints even for London and couple find a member of staff that could explain how we got statef or any of the house rules/procedures etc. We started off with Blackjack to warm up and as my friend was a newbie we picked an empty table and expected the dealer to be friendly and talk us through. We couldn’t be more wrong! 1st table the dealer refused to let us play because he said the stakes were too high for us and to find a cheaper table. 2nd table the dealer made fun of us and laughed when we didn’t know a specific rule. 3rd table the dealer was the most miserable person I’ve met in a long time, didn’t even respond when I spoke to her and got impatient when I took 2 seconds to think how much I was going to bet. We then tried the roulette table to a similar frosty reception and gave up before we even got to the poker tables. Left £20 up which was the only positive thing I can say.

Well run room but scummy clientele, 10/12/2015
By Mike

If Aspers was closer to were I live and not a pain and expensive to get back from when a tournament finishes (NOTE – On day ones of multi day events, they always seems to have a finish time after the tubes close, usually only be 30 minutes or so. Collusion with the local taxi firm??) I’d probably play more often, the room is big, well run, from TD to dealers to servers. The food I’ve heard is really bad, I’ve had it once and what I had, I couldn’t disagree! The level of play is mid but a lot of the low to mid level players massively over estimate and state there skill level, which can be funny and annoying in equal measure. Now to the massive negative. There are a lot of undesirable people in here, less so in the poker room but often after finishing late in a tourny, I’ve (as a big burly bloke) felt intimidated in the main casino, it really isn’t a comfortable place to be late at night.

Wow dealers don't know the rules, 03/08/2015
By L

Been playing 13 years and never seen bad dealers like this in a casino before they don’t know the rules , on top of that there all rocks not a place to make money.A lot of people just come here for the cash race would not recommend.

Could do so much better, 21/05/2015
By Alan smith

Been coming here for quite a while and this is the first time I’ve been motivated to leave a review. I played a tournament here recently for the first time in a while and thought it had gone downhill quite badly. Still lots of players, wide range of standards and playing styles and experience but it’s still quite soulless; the drinks are fairly expensive. It’s also air conditioning hell – it was freezing cold and management weren’t able to do anything about it, saying it is controlled by the entire building, which seems extremely unlikely. Not really good enough. My major gripe, I’m afraid, is with the dealers. I saw five different dealers on my most recent visit, and whilst they are all knowledgeable, they are not particularly friendly, particularly towards newcomers and people who have not played much, if at all, live poker. No instruction is given, hardly any words are spoken from one hand to the next and hand signals are all that get used, generally. Not friendly, not accommodating, and often difficult to understand their English. Better training is all that is required. If you got the feeling that the management actually cared about tournament players more, they would make more of an effort with training etc. Maybe they don’t feel like they have any need to improve, which is a pity.

-, 17/10/2014
By Olly

I found this establishment overall tiring, seemed to be cues everywhere including cloakroom, toilets and cash machines. Very hard to get service for food and beverages (which are more expensive than elsewhere) tea and coffee is also not free. Dealers range from good to bad however the majority are emotionless / rude which gives the atmosphere a kick in the balls and makes players depressed. its a tourist attraction not good investment for players. standard of play is pretty varied but plenty of drunk, loudmouth obnoxious people. One good tournament left the Friday £55.

Horrible, 22/12/2013
By Peter

horrible dirty place, customer service is rubbish, they need serious improvement or relocation!

Dealers etc, 31/07/2013
By Johnny

they’re really good – whatever probs from before have been taken care of. Very slick setup with great dealers – some I recognise as being the best from International etc. So earlier posts don’t apply to the Asp of today. Not winning yet – but I like it, especially the cheap comps.

Yes it is a decent casino, 30/10/2015
By Max

I have been to many better casinos than Aspers, in England and abroad, although I don’t think it’s as bad as you might think after reading a lot of the reviews below. I have probably returned to Aspers 15 times, mostly due to the softness of the games and the big tournaments they hold. Dealers – Most are friendly, and decent. Some are not friendly, and seem like they are completely un-engaged in their job and the players, but that isn’t the majority. I have had a couple of dealing mistakes happen either to me or at my table. When they happen the dealers are not very apologetic. The management to me, seems good. There have been multiple times where the floor was called, but the matters have been dealt with appropriately and efficiently. Acting out of turn constitutes a sitting out penalty in the tourneys here apparently. Often there are ques for chips and tournaments. Getting a drink, (especially at the tourney tables compared to the cash tables, because of tipping I presume) is an absolute nightmare. It is a surprisingly massive casino, you wouldn’t expect it to be quite so big. And the Poker section is big too. I think all tournaments are 10 handed, not my preference, or most players. Seats at poker tables are pretty uncomfortable as well. In terms of promotions they have held Party Poker, 888, Unibet Poker and recently WPTUK tournaments at Aspers. This is quite impressive to say the least. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for these tourneys. So in conclusion, the soft action and big tournaments are very good reasons to keep coming back. Although, there are many improvements still to be made, I can see that they are on the right track from the older comments below. It is also a very accessible casino, being a 5 minute walk from Stratford St. I think that this is another reason why I return to this casino.

No rules, no management, 07/10/2014
By Paulista

simply a nightmare to play tournaments, first of all most of the dealers are amateurs, they do not know all the rules and do not know how to shuffle properly. The playing rules are not clear, and it depends who is in the floor, questions like muck behind on the river always have different decisions. Service very bad!! We have tom implore for a waitress and the cup o f coffee is almost 2 pounds. The only one tournament still good is the 10K gtd, but still with all the problems described. If you can avoid, do it!

Awful, 26/05/2014
By Chris

Went there twice and it is awful. Dont go! If you want to give your jacket to the wardrobe they are already pissed of. The staff is rude. Last time spend 500 to lay a tornament for an onlineplatform and still they are rude. Just a joke this place.

Card room, 21/04/2014
By Richard

at first the dealer standards was quite poor.not now there very good and the girls are hot.aspers is very well run card room with some good tournament aswell.

Didn't seem too bad., 27/01/2014
By J

Played 1-1 for a few hours on Saturday, didn’t see any of the problems people have been talking about. Their rake is standard London rake for 1-1 it seems. Would play here again.

On the up, 22/05/2013
By Joseph carling

having read some of the reviews went to see for myself.card room was packed but plenty of staff on hand.spoke to some of the locals about the dealers and that I’d heard some bad things.The general impression was that in the early days that was true but Aspers had bought in a whole bunch of highly experienced quality dealers and sitting at my table that certainly seemed to be the case,no errors and a solid understanding of the rules made the game move very smoothly.atmosphere was good but it did take forever to get a drink!!!They definitely need some more waitresses!!!

Best experience in a long time, 14/05/2013
By Matthew

Been to this venue a 5 times since September for various poker events and it just keeps getting bigger and better dealers are good, floor-men are great really helpful and polite management can sometimes be a bit iffy but not that bad. Room is now massive and is filled to brim regularly completely changed form all other reviews defiantly the place to play poker heard they get 200-250 runners for Friday comp will find out soon as will be going to check this out for sure. all in all great place,great staff,great atmosphere

Improvements have been made, 17/01/2013
By Yankeedan

Just moved here from the States. Wasnt expecting much having read the reviews, but i was plenty surprised. The room looks good, with lots of space between the seats. Over 100 runners for the friday night tournament and a high-end payment schedule made for a solid experience. Plenty of cash games available meant no waiting after i got knocked out. Waitress service could have been better and i dont get paying for coffees but hey, i could afford it after scooping pot after pot. Overall a great time was had and i will be back

Give it a chance, 13/09/2012
By Fazzers

wow, people really love slating places on the internet aspers got is a great place to go, ok the first few months saw poor poker dealers, rubbish managers giving stupid rulings, and a que a mile long to cash chips out at the cage. but less than 6 months down the line, and all the minor issues were sorted, and almost a year on its been filling out its huge venue every night dealing with huge volume of people during the olympics bad points over priced drinks unreliable drinks service (has got alot better recently) good points huge value cash games even at 10% juice and 1/1 good runners and good value comps safe and secure parking for £2 max from 6pm til 6am iirc huge casino floor and closest thing to a vegas casino

Unsafe, 26/05/2016
By Bob

The card games are OK. But if you win be careful on your way home. many get followed and lose their winnings outside. New temporary players are easily spotted and followed out…. notorious for be parted with your cash outside.

Worst big casino in London, 24/08/2014
By Sakkos

Young and amateur staff. The players ereytime drunk, or sometimes drug users. No alcohol control!!!! One time in the elevator 4 drunk people fought, when I was in the elevator, with other people. Weekend morning can not play because the drunk players at eye level throwing the chips, shouting, hitting the table and throwing the cards. Rakerace money. Usually same prizepool. Doesn’t matter summer month lower cash traffic or winter month, bigger traffic, the prizepool 60-63k. 2013 september rakerace was 63k, 2014 january 61k, march 61k. In the Vic with same cash traffic, in january the prizepool was 74k!!! Interesting. The tolilet everytime dirty and disgusting. The poker toilet unusable everytime. I usually use the casino area toilet, but not much better. Dealers: Some dealers idiot. London worst dealer work here! The guy name is “Jan” I saw two time he laughed, when the player got a badbeat. I played PLO and One regular player watched the game. What did say this jerk dealer? “This is not a cinema!” 3 time. Fucking idiot this dealer. The managers are incopetent, and amateur. They can’t make twitter update. It just 30 seconds, write few caracter!!!! Usually they can’t enforce the rules. The food. One dealer said for me, the food is frozen one month ago! I don’t recommend this shit place. I play Vic, Hippodrome, Empire, very good places, good managers, dealers, customer service. Aspers is the worst place in London

Really bad, 08/06/2014
By Peter

I would like to give 0 stars if i could. Played yesterday won but thats all the good about this place. Dealers awful. One called a collegue 3 times a c*** . Players just move tables all the time however they want so you can go from full ring to 4 players quickly. Players showing hand to other involved players during hands ! In 2 hours different deales flipped cards 4 times. Seems to be common ans no one complains they just move on no apology or so. Good thing its very easy money if you are an average player. Blind are 1 / 1 for some teason. By far londons worst pokerroom.

Poker Room, 21/05/2014
By Alex mccormack

I love it here,excellent poker venue.Ive started playing here most weekends and would highly recommend it. Good dealers and a pretty good crowd.

My night at Aspers, 05/05/2014
By Russell van der puye

First time i have played here, had a good night won some money, dealers were great, polite and quick, crowds that were playing other games were really nice too, all round great night, and can see myself playing poker there every weekend now!!! you should defo go see for yourself

Full of all the dregs, 10/01/2014
By Rob

How can you win any money when none of the players have any? All rocky bowl grinders, you can’t beat the rake when every pot is £30 A mixture of some really good and really bad staff compared to the hippodrome this is a hundred miles behind If you wana win money go else where, if you are scared to lose it go to aspers and play with dregs of society!!

Aspers poker room....duurrr, 10/01/2014
By Ben

Made my casino debut. Won 150 quid. So, rating is positive. I really wonder how many of the negative reviews are partly down to being sore at losing…. The dealer was very quick and clearly knew his stuff. The other staff were very friendly. 10% “juice” might sound like a lot, but it is capped at 5 quid a hand, so that figure is misleading. Don’t know about food and drinks…but I would generally expect that sort of stuff to be extortionate at a casino…and not worth the bother…. The only nastiness came from the other players, who were desperate to crush me, the rookie. But that’s not the fault of the casino, and I made a tidy profit so I soon shut them up…. Four stars……………………..if I lose next time I will be back with a two star rating….

Card room, 25/11/2013
By Thekingofhearts

I’ve been in Aspers many times already and is always the same for me. People are treated poorly by staff. Players moving table without anyone balancing it. Waitress are useless. As I already told him the only person I really like is Max. Is too good to work in Aspers. He is always smiling, taking care of players, trying to find a solution when it looks like is no solutions. Keep it up mate. For the rest low/average card room. Not what a player really wants… 🙁

Bad Experience overall, 10/11/2013
By Trout

Been going there a lot in past few months but losing interest rapidly. The Casino itself is a Grade A dump. Highly inflated drink prices ( they even charge you for tea,coffee, soft drinks if you are lucky to find a waitress in the first place) very very bad poker food menu ( don’t ever eat there, better off at Mc Donalds outside, even if you hate McD.) Games are soft especially 1-1. Rocks all around. Guys leave table when time for BB and appear 2 hands later, again and again. Almost all are HE, few times heard the staff starting Omaha games, but haven’t payed so cant comment. Variable experience depending on when you visit the cardroom. Weekends very busy, so staff are overwhelmed and don’t have the time or inclination to do a proper job. During the week, when quieter , you may receive a higher level of service. Some good, dealers, but majority are mediocre at best, with an attitude to boot. ( All tips are shared instead of going specific dealers, so I stopped tipping all together a long time ago) Players regularly speak non English mid pot, even comment and advise others when not involved in pot, and dealers just let it slide, other players too docile to speak out. When you do complain, you get usual manager crap of ‘ we will look into it’ and ‘will issue warnings’ while the problems still persists. Some managers are ok but rules do change. While waiting for a seat, I was told to move away as area was reserved for players, then you see hangers on standing around talking to players. Most mid week players are there for the cash race which is becoming smaller and smaller. Unless they start looking after regular players, mid week traffic will die away, slot machines will take over.

Poor attitude poor venue poorer location, 10/07/2013
By Peter

this place is a JOKE dealers have an attitude, management change rulings left right and center and the venue is just a shamble to be named Europe’s Biggest casino i would highly recommend anybody to stay far far away from this joke of casino!

Poor, 25/06/2013
By Luke

High rake plus full of rocks, a friend of mine said don’t go, still though I would try it out only to find out he was right only one winner here that’s aspers

Such a shame !, 30/01/2012
By Pokerpro

I can recall there being alot of hype when this clue what is going on …. only 1 toilet in this gigantic venue and completely the other side of the casino from the card room. They have a bad beat casino was about to open… Europes largest casino should be something of a milestone. But was completely dissappointed when I sat down at Aspers Stratford. Wrong rulings given, for example minimum raise on a tournament under the gun when blinds are at 100-200 is 300 apparently as they say the difference between the big and small blind is 100…. WTF ?? … dealers haven’t got ajackpot however if the hand has been shuffled manually and not by a machine it DOESN’T QUALIFY ????? Even though they still take the £1 Bad Beat money from a manually shuffled hand !!! Scandalous …….!!! Such a shame as had the potential of being a nice venue ! the only good thing is that the standard of play is as good as the standard of dealers …. Shocking !!!!!

Unprepared dealers, 08/04/2012
By Adam

the dealers just are too unsuited for europe’s biggest casino. I had a hand which fortunately flopped flush, and after the river I made one player go allin, I won the pot, but the dealer gave the chips the my opponent?? everyone was astonished and after we explained him that flush is stronger than Ace high he gave me the pot chips…just so unprepared, and sometimes they will yell you “I know my job”…sure

Unprofessional dealers, 11/09/2013
By Paul timms

I am a very experienced player and am known in most clubs in London. I tried Aspers first time last week. Never again!!!! First, not everyone wants a 1-1 game, I was looking for a better standard of game. However, as a player raised into me he showed his cards to the two folded players to his left. They knew each other and had been conversing in a foreign language for most of the game, this had been made mentioned by more than one player but no action taken. I told the dealer the hand was dead and it was my pot because his hand was void. The dealer, who I remembered from the International days, knew them and took no action. I asked for a ruling and the dealer said he had given a ruling and that was that. I did not play on and as I left the table so did two other disgusted players, there was muttering and foul language from the three players and no action from the dealer. They have a long way to go before they will be considered on par with the Vic, having staff that will do a decent job would be a start. I will never return and will sptead the word about the poor standards of both staff and customers.

NEVER AGAIN, 22/09/2012
By Dave andrews

If I could give this place no stars it would be more accurate, not sure who the positive review was by but he couldn’t have been at the same Aspers…. ALL the problems are still happening & 10% juice is ridiculous! I’ll be staying put in The Fox / Western / RCC / Full House all of these offer way better value and service

APPAULING!, 09/07/2013
By George

If i could give it 0 stars i would, this place is a joke the rules change everyday, the rake is the highest out of every where else to. I didnt expect much after reading the reviews and it also being based in east london but this is a very scatty place, on the 1-1 tables sat down atleast 5 out of 9 people had £25 in front of them started to think it was a 10/25p game, the class of people that come here are very low to that cry when they lose a £20 pot, when there was an unfair ruling i explained to one the staff members or managers named John with the piercing under his lip and he had the most HORRIFIC attitude i have ever seen, if you dont enjoy your work why do it in the first place? In his own words he said “ITS NOT MY PROBLEM YOUR SPEAKING TO THE WRONG GUY I DONT GIVE 2 SHITS”, I left immediately after, just goes to show does not matter if you open Europe’s biggest casino, if you dont have the right team on board with the right … ATTITUDE! then it will just be a embarrassing shamble which is have proven to be, i am glad im not alone with the other reviews here, go there at your own risk!

Poker room, 04/01/2012
By Barry rosenbloom

as a long time poker player ihave played at large number of venues including casinos,private member clubs and abroad and have been gambling for 45 years in casinos on monday 2nd jan 2012 i joined your poker room at sat down and started to play in a £1/£1game ifound that a number of your dealers did not seem to know all the rules. after i was playing for quite awhile there was a hand i was involved and one of the players also involved in the hand was showing his two hole cards to his friend who was sat behind him also the player to his right who had folded could also see his cards. after the hand was ended iasked the dealer to show the players two cards but the dealer seemed not to understand why .asking the player who sat next to the player that showed had he seen his cards his started to abuse me with obsenitiesand then threatened this stage i felt i could no longer play at your casino any longer and thought that after playing for such a long time and never been in this situation before.i went over to cash in and explainedto the manager what had happened and he said he did hear something ,so in that situation why didnt he come ????

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