Choosing the Online Poker Room That Is Right for You

14 Aug 2013

As the popularity of online poker grows, so does the selection of online poker rooms. This guide will help you find the room that is right for you.

Online poker, and online gambling in general, can be very enjoyable. It’s a great way to pass the time, and a good hobby for the winter months when you can’t really go outside. However, gambling online is only really fun if you find the right place to do it. It’s not like normal casinos – online casinos are very different. First of all, they are much easier to set up and run, so pretty much anyone can open one, whether they have the experience and expertise necessary to successfully run a business or not. This leaves a lot of room for low-quality casinos to come out. As a gambler, it’s your job to weed through these casinos and find the one that is right for you. Below you’ll find some things to look for in a casino.

Good Software

Good software is essential. There are several different kinds of software available for online casinos and poker rooms. Some online poker sites use custom software, such as 888 poker, which is the largest poker site on the web today. Others use 3rd-party software. Either way, do some research on the software they use, and see if there have been any complaints.

High Traffic/Number of Users

When it comes to online poker, the more players there are the better the casino is. Some small casinos only have 10, maybe 20 tables running at a time. The larger casinos often have thousands of tables running, in all different skill levels and stakes. Selection is always good, and being able to play at any time of the day or night is nice as well – which is something smaller casinos don’t offer.

Customer Service

When you are dealing with money, customer service is always important. While things at online casinos usually run smoothly, there is always a chance of something going haywire. Especially in poker tourneys, if something goes wrong, it can cost you a lot of money. Every company will say that they have good customer service – it’s up to you to find out if they are telling the truth or not. The easy way to do this is to look at reviews for the casino or poker room.

Online Poker Tournaments

Though normal games are fun, poker tourneys are very exciting. It’s fun to play at casinos that offer both a good selection of regular tables, as well as a good selection of Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi tournaments. Ideally you should look for a poker site that offers tournaments with multiple buy-in levels, so you can get in on the action regardless of your financial situation.