Live poker tells – hidden body language T

21 Mar 2014

o bluff or not to bluff? We all find ourselves in situations where we'd love to have x-ray glasses and see the cards your opponents are holding. Science isn't expected to provide a...

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21 Mar 2014

Play with free money and get the best poker education Are you looking to improve your poker game? is an award-win...

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Weekly tournaments back at the Hippodrome

05 Jan 2014

Starts 5th Jan with no registration fee in January
The Hippodrome have relaunched their weekly tournaments, starting 5th Jan. Al buy in's are at £100 with no registration fee during the ...

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Super Stack back in London – 26-29 Sep 2013

26 Sep 2013

Qualifiers every day on 888poker The Super Stack is back in London from 26-29 September, with an affordable £150 + 15 buy-in and a deep structure with a 20,000 starting stack and ...

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British Poker Awards Back for 2013

22 Sep 2013

Have your say and vote! Organised by Bluff Europe, The British Poker Awards are back for its 4th year. Consisting of 17 categories, the British Poker Awards are designed to hono...

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Play in our LondonPokerGuide Private tournament on PKR

25 Aug 2013

 Play for $10 with an ADDED £40 buy-in at the Western Club London Poker Guide will be holding a private tournament on PKR on Sun 25th August at 11pm, and we are throwing ...

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Choosing the Online Poker Room That Is Right for You

14 Aug 2013

As the popularity of online poker grows, so does the selection of online poker rooms. This guide will help you find the room that is right for you. Online poker, and online gambling in general, can...

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The Internet and Blackjack Go Hand in Hand

21 May 2013

The classic card game blackjack has many things going for it. First, it's easy to learn; the basic rules are simple and there's not much to remember. Second, the game is not just based on luck; it als...

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ISPT Coming to Wembley 31st May – 5th June

06 May 2013

Day 1's still running Live and Online
If you haven’t been in hiding these last few months, then you will have surely heard of the ISPT (International Stadiums Poker Tour). ISPT is the bigg...

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The difference between live and online poker

24 Mar 2013

One of the casino games on which people are hooked is poker. This card game is very addictive and fun, not to mention the thrills involved in the competition of beating others. In poker, you only need...

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