Victoria Casino

3.5 stars out of 5 (12 reviews)
Better known as The Vic, this casino cardroom is a poker landmark in the UK, and the spot for high stakes cash games in London. This is a classy cardroom, extremely well-run, and boasts the widest variety of games and stakes you will find in London. It's not unusual to spot the odd poker pro playing at one of the tables.


Day Starts Buyin Gametype Format Clock Stack Special
Sun 19:00 pm £125 NL Holdem bounty freezeout 6x20, then 30 min 10000
Sun 15:00 pm £50 NL Holdem Freezeout 25 min 10000
Mon 19:45 pm £60 NL Holdem turbo freezeout 15 min 10000
Tue 19:45 pm £80 NL Holdem Freezeout 6x20, then 30 min 10000
Wed 19:45 pm £50 NL Holdem Freezeout 25 min 7500 Satellite
Thu 19:45 pm £100 NL Holdem Freezeout 6x20, then 30 min 10000
Fri 19:45 pm £40 NL Holdem Freezeout 20 min 7500
Sat 19:45 pm £50 NL Holdem Freezeout 25 min 7500
Sat 15:00 pm £40 NL Holdem turbo freezeout 15 min 10000

Please note that all regular tournaments schedules are suspended while big festivals are being held. Late registration is allowed (space permitting), during first 3 levels of freezeouts and during the rebuy period of the rebuy tournaments. Tournament details may change however - please contact the cardroom directly to confirm tournament details

Check out their website for the most up-to-date schedule.

Cash games

The Vic has the largest offering of cash games in London. They cater to players of all levels of skill and bankroll. You can regularly find NL Holdem games from £1-£1 up to £10-£25. On Mondays and once in while when there is demand, you will find £25-£50 games as well. By the way, £1-£2 cash games are common around London, but the £1-£2 games here are extremely tight compared to other cardrooms and clubs!

The £1-£1 and £1-£2 games are raked at 10% up to £5 and 5% up to £10 respectively. For stakes higher than £1-£2 there are session fees, starting at £6 for a half-hour for the £1-£3 game.

For PL Omaha, stakes range from £1-£2 up to £5-£10, and up to £10-£25 during mini-festivals. The only fairly regular PL Omaha game, however, is the £5-£10 game which has a £7.50 session fee for 30 min. A table is reserved for this game from 7pm Monday-Friday. There are also Dealers Choice and Round of Each games, but they are much less regular.

Please note that cash game schedules may change due to level of demand, so please contact the cardroom if you want to play some of the less common games/stakes.


The Vic is the oldest card room and the "spiritual" home of poker in London. It is very well-run and by far has the widest variety of games you will find at any poker room in London.

The Vic is the best card room for high-stakes poker, and virtually all professional players in Britain have played at the Vic at one point or another. It is not uncommon to spot a pro at one of the tables. The Vic seats around 250 people and has hosted various Tournaments including EPT London and the Grand Final of the GUKPT.

You will find a very mixed crowd at the Vic - find both older and younger players, experienced and less-experienced. While there are regulars like any card room, you are much more likely to find new faces at the Vic. They have the best variety of games amongst all card rooms, so cater to players of all levels and bankrolls.

The card room is extremely well-run and the electronic waiting system for cash games is very useful. You just swipe your card, indicate what game you want to play (can register for more than one) and just wait for your name to be called out. On busy nights, however, waiting times can be long, sometimes as long as a couple of hours.

The Vic takes up a whole floor at the Grosvenor Casino, which is one of the largest casinos in London. Having a card room at the casino can be a dangerous thing, so just be careful not to blow your poker money at the roulette table while you are waiting for a game!


Membership is free and you can join the same day. Just make sure you bring your id. Dress code is smart casual, so as long you are not wearing shorts, sportswear, ripped jeans, etc. you are ok. You can wear a cap at the poker table, although not anywhere else in the casino. Hoodies are ok as well.

Food & Drink

The restaurant serves Thai and Chinese cuisine, but you will find regular bar food too - burgers, chips, etc. The bar is open to 2am, or until 4am if you are gambling at the tables.

You register for a cash game by swiping your card, and just wait for your name to be called. It's very simple and efficient, but when there are a lot of people, it is not unusual to end up waiting for a while to be seated.


5 stars out of 5 Great , 18 Oct 2014
By Dave

Great dealers. Great food. Great service. Best range of cash games and tourneys in any casino in London. 1 casino for poker in London,

5 stars out of 5 Looks Good To Me , 5 May 2014
By Alex

Well played my 1st poker tourney in Aspers on Sunday after giving up online poker and the crazy bad beats. I found it clean, the staff helpful and the dealers Professional. I will be back to play again and I am sure my experience wasnt a one off.

4 stars out of 5 great place for poker , 22 Apr 2014
By j palzy gsy.

Awesome poker room great casino very helpful staff easy to get to via taxi from gatwick 5 of us novice players came from Guernsey where there is no casinos didn't no what to expect had the best time trying our luck in the tournaments the vics 50th anniversary got a nice maybe gold medallion for entering the 110 rebuy 480 runners 20 grand to the winner we didn't fare well can't win em all lol.I would recommend any level of player to go to the vic defantly going back when I save more money.5 stars if I had cash in any lol.+ it's 24/7 lots of cash tables to. Don't believe the negative comments I'm down 550 over that weekend food n beers included and still had fun but know your limits.give it a go

5 stars out of 5 VERY well managed , 18 Jan 2014
By Arjun

I have been playing at the Vic weekly for about 3 months now, though I just play tournaments, and I must say, there are ALL kinds of players at the Vic. The dealers are respectful and courteous and there always seems to be seats available on short notice. There are some sharks, but they're there at every poker game right? Overall, one of the best poker experiences I have ever had, and winning just makes it that much sweeter.

1 stars out of 5 sad decline of a once great poker room , 9 Jul 2013
By deck_review

Haven't played here for a while as the top players have now left for better things. Gave it another go recently and was not impressed. There are no quality players. Just the usual morons who think attitude makes you a good player. Read a report last year where even a journalist playing for the first time beat their current so called resident professional. Shame.

2 stars out of 5 Victoria Casino , 29 Jan 2013
By supermario

This well known poker place is very disapointing. The computer table reservation system is a nice feature. The staff and management are average at best and not so friendly. The poker room is small and you will wait 30-60+ minutes to play. Food is limited and also average. I have been there 6 times in 2012 so far. On the + side, this is where you will find the most players for cash games and tournaments. 1/2 locals/1/2tourists For UK, it is 3 stars but compare to the best places, 2 max. Try it anyway...

5 stars out of 5 The Vic Tournies , 18 Jul 2012
By Jenner

Good spread of tournamnts - knowledgeable & likeable dealers. Standard of players is v good - the lower end trnamnts occasionally have inexperienced runners. Roomy cardroom, - final table gets a free drink each. The smoking area is a long way from tables though. Cant think of any other negatives.

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2 stars out of 5 Not great , 21 May 2013
By cardplayer

Played here only once. Not going back as there is a very bad atmosphere in there. Got the opinion that they don't like new faces, especially if you win a few hands. Some of the players are a bit old and bitter. Try elsewhere.

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5 stars out of 5 great place , 2 Apr 2012
By andrew

i have been there 3 times so far and there were several tables going each time i have been there. i will continue to come to this casino.

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5 stars out of 5 best poker room , 19 Mar 2012
By trtricky

the best poker room in town.

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5 stars out of 5 Cash, cash!! , 24 Jan 2011
By The World

Great place to play cash in London. You will never know what you will get and how the table dynamic will be. The waitresses are often busy, if not overwhelmed on busy nights, but the service is decent.. There's ALWAYS a table for a cash session at the Vic.

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5 stars out of 5 the vic , 1 Feb 2010
By straightflush

I like the vic a lot.I hear pros come here to play, but certainly not at the low stakes I play at, because its pretty common to get some fish at the 1-2 games. Its more "impersonal" than some of the smaller, private clubs, but its well run and professional.


Victoria Casino

150-162 Edgeware Road
W2 2DT

phone: 0207 262 7777
No.Tables: 24

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